Juvenile's one of Louisiana's most beloved Hip-Hop stars.  I must admit, I myself am a huge fan.  Unfortunately, he's had a few legal problems over the last year and it looks like he might have caught another charge over the weekend.

To make matters worse, he got into some more trouble over the weekend.  TMZ is reporting, that Juvenile got into some sort of fight after kickin it with Lil Wayne at a Miami club.  Get the rest of the details below with Tha Wire.

Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj recently performed a free concert in her home town in front of a standing room only audience in New York.  Oddly enough, she wasn't suppose to perform that night.  On top of that, though she was scheduled to perform at the V Festival, she was forced to pull out.  Get all the details below.  Plus, sadly enough a fan died at the festival, learn why.


In other news, legendary film maker committed suicide over the weekend in San Pedro, California.  Tony Scott was responsible for films like Beverly Hills Cop II, Top Gun, Days of Thunder and many other block buster flicks.  He was the brother of Ridley Scott another legendary film director famous for Alien, Gladiator and more.  Also, Weezy is getting ready to drop his new mixtape.  Get all the details on it now.  Press play to hear today's scoop with Tha Wire: