Juvenile has come forward to clear the air on reports that he was seeking a paternity test on his 13-year old son.  The fact is he is, he's only taking the test so that he can gain custody of him.

Juvi, broke his silence in the matter because he doesn't want people thinking that HE doesn't want his son or that he doesn't think his son, is his.  Unfortunately, things between him and his ex are getting a little nasty, with arrest warrants being issued for him, to having issues with custody.   Juvi released an official statement and I got all the details, straight from the horses mouth.  Press play now for Tha Wire.

In an update on Rick Ross, the promoters over the cancelled concert in Guyana have issued an official statement of their own in regard to the rappers health and exactly why the concert was cancelled.  Plus, his reps make some confirmations as well.

Finally, who on earth would sue B.B. King?  King Size Film Productions, that's who.  I'll tell you why now.  For today's scoop and skinny, press play now to hear Tha Wire: 


Believe it of not, David Banner is literally asking fans to bank roll his up coming album, Sex, Drugs & Video Games.  David said, " I have one of the dopest albums that's gonna come out this year, period.  We're going to show you how dope this album is by every two weeks dropping a new single.  By the time the fans get to May 22, they're gonna be like, 'Damn, this is worth at least a dollar, but we may give him $100 on the effort!"

It's a little bizarre that he would think that we (cause I am a fan) would pay him to drop an album and then pay for it again to have it in our collection, but that's what reports are saying.  If reports are correct, his alleged goal is to reach 2 million in donations, but if May gets here first he will release the album anyway.  So, we'll see what happens.