An aspiring MC approached Kanye West as the rapper was headed home and spit a verse for the superstar.  Surprisingly, West let the aspiring rapper have his moment and listened.  See the video here and find out what happened next.

(Photo by Pierre Suu/Getty Images)

Kanye West was stopped on the street in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood, as the rapper was heading home with his girl Kim Kardashian.  The aspiring MC caught the celebrity couple strolling down the street and took a chance that the rapper would listen to him.  The young man humbly told West that he and a friend approached him about music before, but was shot down for not being good enough.

The young man explained those very words inspired him to work on his craft and perfect his skills.  The aspiring artist proceeded to spit a verse for the superstar right then and there.  And shockingly, West allowed the young MC to have his moment.  Here's how it went down!

Props to the young MC for building up enough courage to do something like this.  Shouts out to Kanye West for being nice enough to listen and let him have his moment.