After being in his feelings for a few weeks, Kanye West has agreed to appear on Jimmy Kimmels show tonight. This is big news and could work out to dead any so called beef that may appear in the near future!

It all started when Kanye West did an interview with BBC and talked about his life and being creative and actually calling himself a rockstar amongst other things. Well like alot of comedians and tv host do, he did a spoof on the interview which got alot of laughs, just not from Kanye West. Well tonight after weeks of rappers like Rick Ross and others tweeting their loyalty to Kanye West, the hatchet could be buried tonight. Check you local listing for the times that it will air tonight. Check out the videos that got everything sparked off between the two.


Kanye West Interview with BBC's Zane Lowe:


Jimmy Kimmel Spoof: