Jury selection is moving swiftly in the wrongful death lawsuit of Michael Jackson.  Jurors have already been selected and soon Katherine Jackson will have her day in court. 


Despite a 24-page long questionnaire and estimates that jury selection may take up to three months, six men and six women have been chosen for the $40 billion dollar wrongful death of the Michael Jackson lawsuit filed by his mother, against the "This Is It" concert promoter, AEG Live.

For more details listen to Tha Wire below for more details and find out what evidence will be allowed in this case that wasn't allowed in the Dr. Conrad Murray trial.


In other news, Rapper/singer Nate Dogg died at the age of 41 in 2011 due to complications of two strokes and unfortunately, his family is still struggling with who gets what from his estate.  Last year some of his adult children filed a suit against their grandmother, Nate mother, because they didn’t feel she should’ve been placed over his estate.  Nate was married, however his wife turned his estate over to his mother in hopes of keeping the piece, but it did everything but.  Now the mother of one of his children, Shereda Williams is looking to collect more than $300 thousand dollars in back child support.

Learn how much Ms. Williams was getting a month in child support, plus more details surrounding this story.


Finally, sentencing for Lauryn Hill’s tax evasion charges was supposed to be today, but a judged postponed her case for two weeks, apparently to allow her a little more time to come up with the  money she owes in back taxes.

According to TMZ, Hill filed legal docs claiming the reson she failed to file tax returns for three years—although she earned more than $1.8 million in that time— was because "she withdrew from society at large due to what she perceived as manipulation and very real threats to herself and her family."

Ms. Hill owes the government more than $500 thousand and so far has paid back $50,000.  Listen to Tha Wire now and find out what the judge over her case had to say about her claims and find out her how much time she's looking at if she doesn't pay up.  Press play to get all of today's juicy details now.  Press play.