Katt Williams is making a return to the limelight with the latest movie "Scary Movie 5". Unfortunately for him for the past few months all of the news has been negative. Well the good thing is that he seems to be in better spirit and has slowed down just a little bit. Here is a interview that he did with Blacktree Tv, where he talked about Kevin Hart, The New Movie and whether or not he will return to the stage!

Katt Williams Talks Kevin Hart, Illuminati and Scary Movie 5:


From the interview, it seems as if he really has slowed down and it looking to make a move back to the top of his game. The really good thing is that he didn't give any disses to Kevin for his acting or roles he has chosen to play. Even took the high roads and gave him a little praise on what he does. Here is the trailer for "Scary Movie 5" for those who haven't seen it yet!


Scary Movie 5 Trailer: