Get Ready because tomorrow night, it all goes down at the KPC Hall with The Zydeco Boss Keith Frank live in concert. The doors open at 9 pm and the party goes until with plenty and I do mean plenty of security in and outside the building!Now we all know that the fourth of July is the day of Independence for all , but lets keep it real, all we do is eat all day long. Well before the fourth, come on out and party with us live at the KPC Hall in Lake Charles with Keith Frank live in concert for one night. This is the perfect place to bring your relatives out so they can enjoy and party like they used to. There will be a discounted price for everyone before 10 pm and the party goes until 2 in the morning.If you want to have the workout of your life then, get it ready for Keith Frank live tomorrow night with doors opening at 9. This is another Cullen Washington Production!