Alright since we are in the Mardi Gras spirit and are getting ready for the 2nd Annual Lundi Gras party tonight. I felt it only appropriate to feature the man of the hour as Keith Frank will be your entertainment for the event. It all goes down this tonight at Yesterdays of Lake Charles.  Since we are having him live in concert, I figured I would feature my top 5, believe me, he's got plenty of hits, but these are just my pick. If you have some that you would like to add, then don't hesitate to submit yours to the post here. Make sure if you are coming to get there early and be prepared to stay late for a party that will talked about until the next Lundi Gras!!



5. Hello Josephine

Keith had already started making a name for himself, when he released the newest release in 1997 "You'd Be Surprised" which featured the hot single "Hello Josephine" The song had the trail rides rolling and people partying all over when they heard this new release!






4. Pieces of My Heart

This was the hot ballad for those looking to rekindle a little romance with this hot single "Pieces To My Heart". This was the makeup song for guys all over Southwest Louisiana and beyond for the ladies when they were in the dog house.







3. Haterz

Now This is one of those songs where Keith really took a step ahead of the competition with the release of "Haterz". Not only was this from the release "Love, Fear and Respect" but this had every party, trail ride and family reunion off the chain. He was also one of the first Zydeco artist to step outside the norm and get a major artist to be featured, when he enlisted the help of Lil Boosie to jump on the track with. This only expanded he credibility for both Keith and Boosie!








2. Movin On Up

Coming off the one of his first release that was taken from the title of the album "Movin On Up", the single was released and with the catchy Jefferson hook in the song, this had kids and adults alike singing this tune all over the state of Louisiana. This was one of those fun and catchy little songs that had the melody that you just couldn't resist when it came down to the song!








1.Dreams Come Alive

It was 2009 and Keith Frank began the trend of releasing a double release with the release of "Undisputed" two full cds powered with plenty of great songs, but it was the inspirational song "Dreams Come Alive" that was the motivation that so many people needed to hear. If I am ever having a down day, all I have to do is put that song on and it does wonders for me. We recently did an interview with Keith and he also said that this is his favorite song of all times as well as the bands favorite as well. Now how about that? Make sure you are at Lundi Gras tonight at Yesterdays!