Kanye West predicted Lil Wayne and Jay-Z would make the top two spots of MTV's Hottest MC list, however he was wrong.  They didn't even make the list.

Kendrick Lamar-Youtube

MTV’s Hottest MC's is always surrounded by controversy.  Nobody wants to be last and everybody wants to be first.  For that reason theirs always gonna be drama.  In 2007 Lil Wayne was named number one and there was drama then.  Of course in years past,  Kanye West, Jay-Z and Rick Ross have all topped the list as well.

MTV managed to catch Kendrick by complete surprise.  He When he got to the MTV Newsroom Thursday, he was under the impression that he was there to shoot a segment for 'RapFix".  However, unbenounced to him, he was really there to find out he had been selected as MTV's Hottest MC.

Sway Calloway broke the news saying, "Kendrick, I know you were told we were about to shoot 'RapFix' today to sit down and do an interview, but that's not necessarily the whole truth."  When Sway revealed the real reason behind him being there, Kendrick was completly surprised and reponded, "That's craaaaaazy."

Here's the total list:
1. Kendrick Lamar
2. 2 Chainz
3. Rick Ross
4. Nas
5. Drake
6. Big Sean
7. Kanye West
8. A$AP Rocky
9. Future
10. Meek Mill

What are your thoughts? Did MTV get it right?

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