Kendrick Lamar recently teamed up with "Get Schooled", an organization geared towards encouraging kids to stay in school, and served as principal for a day for some deserving students.

Kendrick Lamar teams-up with "Get Schooled" to encourage kids to stay in school-youtube

Kendrick Lamar has become a rap superstar ever since he dropped his debut album "Good Kid m.A.A.d. City" people just get enough of his unique raspy deliveryBecause of that he's been in high demand and burning up the road on tour as I speak.  However, the extremely busy rap star took some time out to help a worthy cause and support some deserving kids.

Kendrick made time to stop at Rhode Island High School and served as principal for a day, in participation in the “Get Schooled” campaign, which encourages kids to stay in school. No one knows the importance of staying in school better than Kendrick as he was the first in his family to not only graduate from high school, but do it with a 4.0 GPA.

The Compton MC told the kids at Mt. Pleasant High School,  “Without education you don’t have anything.  My teachers were great positive influences in my life.  My middle school English teacher was probably the reason I became a rapper.  He used to encourage me to write poetry and would challenge me, which helped me improve my vocabulary and made me enjoy writing.”

Kendrick stopped by the school after they school won a competition by increasing it's attendance by 4%.  During the visit Kendrick, not only met students and visited classrooms, but he even  participated in the schools afternoon assembly.

By the way, Mount Pleasant High School is one of just a handful of middle and high schools in the nation that “Get Schooled” is recognizing for its attendance improvements.  Your school may be next!  Get involved and find out how you can make that happen by going to