Keyshia Cole and Lil Kim aired out a little dirty laundry on twitter recently.  It all started after Keyshia voiced her opinion on not receiving any nominations at the BET Awards.  Then she moved onto a conversation with Lil Kim over comments Kim and some of her fans made about her not being loyal and letting Nicki Minaj diss Kim in her song "I Ain't Thru".

And it goes a little somethin like this:

Keyshia: While we're addressing everything, Lil Kim and I are not "Friends".  I take that term very seriously.  We made wonderful music.  That is it.

Lil Kim: You got that right.  We are not friends.  The same way you take friendship seriously I take loyalty serious....At the end of the day karma is as real as I am and it's coming to get you.  Oh wait...if it hasn't got you already....My love and loyalty to you got you a hit, your friendship with your friend got u a flop.....Loyalty and respect has nothing to do with friendship.

Keyshia: Kim that was a great look for you coming out of jail...All I'm saying is don't have everyone thinking I was disloyal as a "Friend" cause we were never that and you know it. No disrespect.

Lil Kim: Yes it  was a good look for me but it was a great look for you.  At the end of the day it was a hit on YOUR album....That's loyalty and respect.  End of story.

Keyshia: I don't beef with anyone.  I'm done.  I feel the way I feel about friendship and loyalty.  I ain't never been fake.  all I'm saying.