Some are saying he's lucky and should count his blessings, however sources say that Kris Humphries is devastated that his wife for roughly 70 days has filed for divorce.  Fans got Kris's back on this one though.  Most people think the sexy NBA player is a good guy and would've been good for Kim because he's not a "yes" man.  However, that is more than likely why she has filed for divorce......

In the reality show that profiled the couples over the top wedding, the couple bumped heads a lot, mostly because Kim is used to getting what she wants and puts a lot of focus on her celebrity status.  Kris seemed to be more into just loving Kim, and less worried about the "pomp and circumstance" of celebrity life.  Non the less I got Kim and Kris's recent statements so be sure to listen to Tha Wire for the scoop.




James Browns former manager has been sentenced to 3 years for stealing his money.  Plus










Paul Wall has just launched a way cool IPhone app for gamers and rappers on the come up.









Rapper Shawty Lo is at the center of a lawsuit filed by two Georgia producers who claim he and D4L records stiffed them on advances and royalties.

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