Kirk Franklin changed the game of gospel music back in the day. The first time I heard him, it was around 94-95 and the song was "Silver And Gold". Since then he has gone on to score for some pretty familiar movies like "Kingdom Come" and worked with everyone from R. Kelly to LL Cool J. He is in the process of dropping his 11th album that's still untitled, but should be online in the next few weeks.

He premiered his latest single "Wanna Be Happy" in August on the Steve Harvey Morning Show and it's already a number one single and doing very well on the charts. He also recently released a video giving motivation like no other. Check out the clip here as he talks about creating the ingredients.

Motivation to get you through the day and this is just the beginning. He is currently working with some hot new talent including The Wall Group, Christon Gray, Tasha Page- Lockhart and so many more. Be on the lookout for the upcoming album soon and believe that this will be another platinum piece of work for Kirk.