This morning, Lauryn Hill checked into a Danbury, CT, federal prison to begin her 90 day prison sentence for tax evasion.  TMZ reported that the 38-year old songstress was booked at 11:15 a.m. EST.  L-Boogie will be in general population for the duration of her stay.  However that particular location is a minimum security facility, so she should be OK.  The inmates there are living in "barracks housing," quarters once used for temporary confinement and more commonly seen in military sleeping units.

Lauryn Hill has six children and while she's locked-up, her ex and father of five of her babies, Rohan Marley, will take on the responsibility of keeping the youngsters.  Once Lauren is released, she will be placed on house arrest.

After a long hiatus from music, the ex Fugee member slowly started re-emerged to the spotlight.  Shortly after doing so, it was revealed that she was dealing with a hefty tax bill of $1.8 million.  Things came to a head when Lauren pleaded guilty to tax evasion last year.  In April, she made an emergency payment to the IRS covering most of the seven-figure debt, but it was to little to late. Unfortunately, the leftover balance for late fees and other penalties couldn't fend off prison time.

Doing time over taxes seems to be the norm for celebs these days.  Over the last few years, it's happened to a laudry list of entertainers from Wesley Snipes, Ronald Isley and Ja Rule, who just got out of prison after serving two years.  Meanwhile, Fat Joe was recently sentenced to four months for the same offense and was freed from prison in May.