It’s an age ol’ debate that will never go away, which coast has the best MC’s? Two of the biggest names in hip-hop, Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz explain the difference between southern rappers and east coast rappers.

According to Lil Wayne, the thing that separates the two coasts is just “the reality.” The New Orleans bred MC told, “It’s just that in the south our reality is different, than up north, than the east coast,’ said Wayne. "Not meaning that they don’t have the hood,” “It’s born there, it’s the birthplace of hip-hop.” A valid explanation coming from the once self-proclaimed "best rapper alive.” Living in the south myself, we weren’t provided with some of the outlets that an artist on the east coast had. Though it has it similarities, specifically issues with crime and drug usage, life is still very much different in south than on the east coast.

Weezy credits Juvenile with pushing him to be a lyricist. “He was one of the main people that would tell me keep rapping like that.” Wayne also stated Juvie once pulled him to the side and said, “You better not stop rapping like that… He told me to keep doing it and I never stopped.” 

Lil Wayne said it was hard to impress Baby and Slim with his style of rapping back then, not to mention his choice in clothing (Timberlands and basketball jersey’s), something that New York hip-hop influenced many in the south with.

I guess it’s safe to say Wayne got the last laugh, right?