Just when you think Lil Wayne has did the unthinkable, he does something else that makes you scratch your head and ask, "WTH is wrong with you dude?!" He has a new tattoo that you have to get in here to see for yourself.



From the word tattooed on Lil Wayne's forehead I would say maybe he's smoking dope again, or maybe he just finished baking the most delicious batch of brownies and this is his way of celebrating his latest hobby aside from skating, or not.

Whatever Wayne's reason for tattooing the word "BAKED" on his forehead is, it's guaranteed to have the social network world buzzing. Tell us what you think about the best rapper alive and his new tattoo.

I think I will tattoo something significant on my forehead and see what kind of response I get. Not! I'll save myself the trouble and guess that it would be nothing short of slander and regret on my own behalf.