Lil Wayne sparked controversy in February, first with the comments about the players of Miami Heat and of course the comment about Chris Bosh's wife. He then did a remix with Future where he disrespectfully mention the name of Emmett Till's in a rhyme. He caught alot of flack especially from the family. Well it seems as if the family is taking the high road with the recent situation that Lil Wayne is in.

Compliments of the Mamie Till Mobley Foundations Facebook page, here is what was written in regards to Wayne.

This is truly something they should be commended for especially since the same wasn't taken into consideration from Lil Wayne's perspective. Lil Wayne has recently been released from the hospital and hopefully will be working on a full recovery soon.

For those unaware of the Emmett Till story, Please take a look at this. The Untold Story of Emmett Till "Documentary"