This has been a big year for Lil Wayne and his label.  CMYMB are putting a choke-hold on the game right now.

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Not only are his label mates Drake, Tyga and Nicki Minaj selling millions and the subject at every award show, but the label just cleared the threshold of selling 500 million singles.  Weezy also surpassed Elvis Presley's record of having the most number one hits.  Tonight, he'll talk about all of the above, plus his issue with QD3 and Tha Carter documentary.  Got a question you'd like to ask him?  I got all the details on how you could do that, plus when and where you can catch Lil Waynes interview with Sway.  Check it out below with Tha Wire.

In other news, speaking of Tyga, he just put the finishing touches on his upcoming album.  Get the scoop on the tittle and his new single below.  While your at it, get more details about J. Cole and his next album.  I'll give you a hint, it's going to drop on his birthday.  Finally, in the way of new music news Rihanna has sold over 853-thousand copies of her new single "Diamonds" seven weeks ago.  Though she just wrapped up her 777 tour, she has no plans of slowing down.  Her new album is here and I got all the details below.


Fans can't  hardly wait for the new installments of the famous hip-hoppra "Trapped In The Closet" to come out.  R. Kelly promises the next chapters are going to be just as exciting a the first ones, if not better.  To add more anticipation, Kells made a big announcement this past Monday.

Find out what it was now.  Press play to hear Tha Wire: