Louisiana State Police are about to give citizens an easier way to obtain their concealed handgun permit.  The process is said to be quicker than filing the application in paper form. If you've taken your course already, find out how to apply for your permit online with less time and hassle to wait.

From the desk of the Louisiana State Police,

The Louisiana State Police Concealed Handgun Permit Unit is responsible for issuing and managing concealed handgun permits statewide and processed over 26,000 applications in 2013. In an effort to expedite and improve the application process, citizens can now utilize the Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permit website to submit an online application. The online application creates a more efficient process and when properly utilized applicants can expect to receive their permits quicker than when submitting the traditional paper application packets.

As part of the online application, applicants must have a valid email account to receive a unique application number to be used throughout the process and are not required to submit payment for the permit until the application has been reviewed for eligibility and completeness. Once accepted, applicants will receive the payment instructions through an official email allowing them to submit payment online.

In addition, both online and paper applications will now utilize the applicant’s Louisiana driver’s license or identification card photo no longer requiring the attachment of passport photos with the application packet. As previously required, first time concealed handgun permit applicants must submit fingerprints during the application process. Citizens are strongly encouraged to submit the fingerprints electronically at the Louisiana State Police Headquarters facility in Baton Rouge to greatly expedite the processing time. Fingerprints submitted on paper cards may take up to 21 days to process along with the application packet.

Paper documents such as the training certificate may be submitted by scanning and attaching to the online application. Applicants choosing to mail paper documents are instructed to print a cover letter and include that letter when submitting documents to the unit.

Citizens can now utilize the online application at the Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permit website found at http://chp-web.dps.louisiana.gov/.

For more information on the application process, laws governing concealed handgun permits, and other frequently asked questions please visit www.lsp.org/handguns.html and/or contact the LSP Concealed Handgun Permit Unit utilizing the information below:

Louisiana State Police

Concealed Handgun Permit Unit

PO Box 66375

Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70896

(225) 925-4867

(225) 925-4868

(225) 922-0225 Fax

Email: concealed.handguns@dps.la.gov