Joe Budden goes on Twitter rant, after the NYPD put his "wanted" mugshot on their timeline. Plus, Prince reveals he has two new albums coming out in September.

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Rapper turned Love & Hip Hop New York reality star, Joe Budden had his mugshot appeared on the NYPD Twitter time line with the caption “wanted” next to it over the weekend, and he wasn’t happy about to say the least.  The rapper fired a few tweets of his own directed at and even taunting New York’s finest.

One in particular threatened, "I’m gonna sue the living s--t out u gentlemen. @NYPDnews."  Another read, "I’ll be in a strip club in Astoria tonight. Let the 'Man hunt' know. @NYPDnews," Budden continued. "Glad to see our tax payer dollars being put to good use ! Lol" reports Budden’s ex-girlfriend has tied him to a robbery and domestic violence incident.  Find out more inside Tha Wire below.

Meanwhile, The Love & Hip Hop stars Twitter rant and taunting of the NYPD has gained a lot of attention.  Local TV station, Channel 4 news, even showed up at his house and convinced the Slaughterhouse MC to explain his "antagonizing" tweets. To which he happily obliged telling the NBC reporters, "That was me being my own worst enemy. But there is no law against tweets...It's been a frenzy. I was surprised at all of it to be honest. The media circus, the witch hunt, the man hunt." Besides, "You guys found me rather easily," he continued,  "And I'm wearing pink! Who runs wearing pink? I'm not on the run."

By the way, rapper turned himself in to New Jersey police to answer to the domestic violence charges, and admits he did take a phone from his ex, saying the phone in question, he pays for, so there was no need for the social media madness.

As for the ex, Budden said,  "I should’ve known that girl was trouble when she never heard of Prince…." Budden tweeted. "Neve [sic] trust a woman that never heard Purple Rain."

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Speaking of his Purple Majesty, his battle with his label Warner Brothers was well-publicized back in the 90’s.  Since then, Prince has not only gained the rights to his music, but has announced that he'll be teaming up with his former label to release new music.

Listen to Tha Wire below to get more details on this and all of the above.  Plus, find out what celebs are celebrating their birthdays today.