Although He Doesn't necessarily call out any names, anyone who has been in the music industry for a long period of time, can read between the lines. Ludacris Just dropped a new mixtape and is taking it back to the roots of what hip hop is all about. Dropping hot 16's over the hottest tracks and of course dropping a nice diss record to keep the people talking and the streets guessing!1.21 Giagbites (Back for the first time) is the name of the latest mixtape from the former ATL Dj, who turned rapper over 15 years ago. I had a chance to listen to it from the front to the back and it got me going to what I love about hip hop. The production on the cd was flawless and the lyrics were hungry, like he was just beginning in his career. There are several cuts that stand out including "Say it to my face" where he actually takes a shot at former DTP affiliated Field Mob, he also has features from Rick Ross, Mississippi Rapper Big K.R.I.T and more, but the song that is on everyones mind is "Badaboom".



Ludacris goes all in on newcomer Big Sean and Drake. apparently there is a style of rapping that Big Sean has apparently coined as being his and well lets just say, he had some choice words for Ludacris for Jacking his style. What does Drake have to do with this you may ask, well apparently Drake bit the style as well but got a pass from Big Sean. Ludacris didn't take to kind to the diss from Big Sean and lets just say, he went in. Now to hip hop heads this is just a simple case of the older artist putting the younger artist in his place. Of course there are some whom I am sure will beg to differ, check out the song and let me know what you think about the track!!!