According to rapper Macklemore, Kendrick Lamar had the best album of all time! *Kayne West Voice*

Not exactly how he said it, but I couldn't resist.

A lot of people were snubbed at this year's Grammy Award's, but most notably that of maybe one of the greatest MC's the world has seen in quite some time, Kendrick Lamar. Though he was nominated for several awards K. Dot didn't walk away with anything except his pride, some Grammy gifts, and the inspiration to keep making the best music he knows how. After all, what is the Grammy Awards but a game of swords. Respectfully, a pissing contest.

Macklemore took to legendary New York hip-hop radio station, Hot979, to voice his opinion with winning the best hip-hop album of the year, that he says, 'In my opinion Kendrick had the best rap album of the year." Find out what else Macklemore had to say about the way the Grammy Association determines their award recipients.