It's no rumor, Pastor Mason Betha (Ma$e) and his wife, Twyla Betha are headed for divorce after 12-years of marriage.  If that's not enough, his church congregation is livid that their pastor, is returning to rap. 

Pastor Mason (Ma$e) Betha and wife, co-pastor Twyla Betha-photo by Michael Buckner / Getty Images

Pastor Mason Betha better known as former Bad Boy rapper Ma$e, has been in the news a lot lately, but unfortunately for all the wrong reasons.  For starters, Ma$e's El Elyon International Church in Atlanta was built around his successful relationship with his wife. The two sold thousands of their "successful marriage" book series called "What Do You Do After I Do?"

As previously reported, the couple isn't all that happy.  Ma$e reportedly filed for divorce in January of this year and both parties have filed for physical custody of their two children, with Twyla, seeking spousal and child support.  TMZ has reported they've been separated since May 2012. In spite of this, they continued to push their "happy marriage" book as if they were still together!

As it turns out, Ma$e has returned to making rap music and his flock is pissed about the lyrics in his new song.  The rapping pastor has got himself embroiled in some serious controversy with his church, as he raps about having relations with women other than his wife.  In case you haven't heard, Ma$e is currently working on his next studio album ‘Now We Even’  and this isn't sitting well with members in his church.

Is this acceptable?  Tell us what you think.