A Houston man may be disfigured and lose partial use of his fingers and feet after a violent robbery by two women. What did they rob from him? Jay Z concert tickets. 

According to Click2Houston,  the 26-year-old who isn't being identified because his family is still concerned for his safety. The young man was robbed by two women for Jay Z tickets he was selling through Craigslist, they then ran him over with their car.

With his arm stuck to the car, the man was then dragged 200 yards. The man asked Green to stop the vehicle, but she refused and Darden kicked his arm to try to get him off the car, according to court documents. Eventually, the man fell off and the suspect's vehicle ran him over.

The Dec. 15, 2013, incident has left him with multiple injuries: including a broken arm, a broken leg, crushed fingers and severe road rash to his face and body.

Both women are being charged with aggravated robbery.