In 2011, concerned neighbors called police after noticing two men outside the home of R&B singer Joss Stone.  Good thing they called, because the two men were plotting to rob and murder the British superstar.

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Junior Bradshaw and Kevin Liverpool were planning on robbing and murdering soul singer Joss Stone at her home Devon, England.  The scary part about it, is the singer was home.  Thank God for nosy neighbors, because they literally saved her life.  When police arrived on the scene, they found a body bag and weapons, including a Samurai sword, a chisel, and hammers in the mens' vehicle.

An Exeter Crown Court found the two men guilty back in April.  Junior Bradshaw, 32,  was convicted in the murder plot and has been sentenced to 18 years in prison. Sentencing for Bradshaw was delayed pending a psychiatric evaluation, because he denied understanding of his role in the 2011 attempt.  However a judge found that neither his schizophrenia, mental impairment, or low IQ rendered him unable to comprehend the plan.  Yet and still, his punishment was lightened as he was described as a "foot soldier" for Kevin Liverpools plan, rather than the "mastermind.".

Speaking of which, Liverpool, 35, has been behind bars for the past two years, and was given a life sentence. He must serve a minimum of 10 years and eight months before becoming eligible for parole.