McDonald's is quite tired of your late night drunkenness leading to fights in their locations across the globe, so in an effort to combat the issue, classical music will be played to deter  those volatile drunks.  Hope you like Beethoven with your Big Mac. 

According to the Daily Mail, in an effort to calm those inebriated customers after a late night at the bar, a Mickey D’s in Stockport, England has decided to play classical music.

The hope is that the music will keep customers calm or at least convince them to go away, since the tunes most likely don’t fit their raging moods.

Kinda reminds of me when I play Jimi Hendrix or Culture Club to clear out a raging crowd of Hip-Hop fans. *shrugs*

Apparently, “The classical music clearly differentiates between the nightclub atmosphere that some customers have just left and the more serene family restaurant that McDonald's aims to provide."

From ratchet to bougie basically. Who would have thought McDonalds would turn into such a posh place to eat. Ha!

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