Maybach Music group rapper Meek Mill is at the height of his career.  He's got several hot singles on the charts and on top of touring the world, he's enjoying the success of his debut album " Dreams and Nightmares".

Meek Mill-youtube

The 'Dreams and Nightmares' LP dropped last year in November.  However, the rapper wouldn't get a chance to celebrate it's release, because we was arrested by Philadelphia police the night of his albums release party.  The rapper was forced to miss his own party after Philadelphia police detained the emcee with no charges.

The lawsuit complaint reads: "On October 31, 2012, at approximately 7:30 p.m., plaintiff was driving a Range Rover SUV when Philadelphia Police Officers Andre Boyer and Michael Vargas, without cause or justification, conducted a motor vehicle stop.  Following the vehicle stop, police officers Boyer and Vargas handcuffed plaintiff at the scene, transported him in custody to the 22nd Police District, took photographs of plaintiff which the officers posted and published...on Instagram and other social media websites, depicting plaintiff in police custody...without being charged with any criminal activity and having caused plaintiff to miss a scheduled promotional appearance in Atlanta, Georgia."

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Now, Meek Mill is taking those same officers involved in his arrest to court and suing them for false imprisonment. Meek Mill, who's real name is Robert Williams, is suing police officers Andre Boyer and Michael Varga and the city of Philadelphia over the nine-hour ordeal. He is suing for a wide array of charges that include false imprisonment, civil rights violations, civil conspiracy and invasion of privacy.

So far, the city of Philadelphia nor the Philadelphia police department have addressed the situation.  However, I will keep you posted with any further developments in this case.