A mentally challenged high school athlete was killed for his headphones. Christian Massey was a 6'2'' 300 pound football, lacrosse, and basketball player from Marple Newtown High, located in a suburb of Philadelphia. The 21-year-old took six years to graduate from his high school because of disabilities, but most considered him a success story and inspiring for his trials and his ability to overcome.

The young man, who was loved by his high school coach and classmates, was killed for a pair of Beats By Dre headphones.

According to Philly's ABC news affiliate, A robber demanded Massey hand over his iPhone and headphones. A struggle ensued and Massey was shot in the chest.

Police drove him to the hospital and while doing so, Massey told them them what happened.

According to reports the shooter fled without the headphones.

There are no suspects yet.