Dear Joshua,

You've been out in Hollywood with "American Idol" for a while now, and your friends and family miss you.  We know your preparation means you can't always talk to us, but we wanted to talk to you.  So we set up a camera and let everyone say what was in their hearts.

Every week, the Managan Center in Westlake is filled with your friends, family and neighbors, watching the show together and cheering you on, even though you can't hear us.  It's become a big event, and your name is on the lips of everyone in town -- Westlake is becoming a famous place because you come from here.

This little video is one of two we'll be sharing this week -- we had so many people who wanted to tape their messages to you that we couldn't fit them all in one video.  No one in the Lake Area doubts that you will be the next 'American Idol,' and we wanted you to know just how much support and love you have here!

You're going to see a lot of familiar faces in these videos.  They're your biggest fans, and even when you belong to the world as a famous singer, you'll always be a Westlake boy to us!

Love, The Lake Area