The Michael Jackson wrongful death civil suit is in full swing and yesterday Michael’s former head of security, Michael La Perruque testified.   MJ’s former security guard spoke about his experience with The King of Pop and what he knew about the singers drug use, saying "He fought very hard to be sober.  He fought very hard not to be dependent on these prescription medications."


La Perruque, a retired sheriff's deputy, worked and traveled with Michael from 2001 to 2004 and again in 2007. The former guard went on to testify that he knew Michael had severe back pain and trouble sleeping and though he never seen Michael take drugs, he was concerned. La Perruque said he even spoke to Michael's doctors, adding that Michael’s family was getting ready to stage a intervention.

La Perruque also said that Michael would often call him late at night testifying, "I think he was just lonely, He wanted to talk to somebody." The former guard continued on to say that he took on the responsibility to check Michael’s breathing when he slept and to call doctors to treat him when they were traveling.

At a deposition with AEG, La Perruque described how one day he found MJ unconscious in the hallway of a hotel suite at Walt Disney World. Michael’s children had called 911 and he revived the singer. However, La Perruque said he saw no signs of drug use then. He went on to say that when the paramedics arrived, they said no further treatment was needed.

The wrongful death civil suit is being brought against concert promoter AEG Live by Michael's mother, Katherine Jackson.