Miguel, is making a name for himself and making his mark on music history.  This year he's up for several Grammy awards, no doubt getting much deserved recognition for all his hard work.

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As his work pays off, Miguel is looking to use his popularity to do some good.  Word has it he likes kids a lot and given that fact, he's teaming up with clothing company Deer Dana to create a charitable T-shirt line.  For more info on Miguel's shirts and what children's charity the proceeds from the T-shirt sales will go to, listen to Tha Wire below.

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In other music news, R. Kelly like millions of people around the world were devastated and shocked by the horrific shooting tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.  The singer was so moved that he made a song in tribute called "I Know You Are Hurting", hoping to ease the pain of those families effected by the horrible incident.

Jon B-Youtube

Jon B is back! He's not only back, but he's got a new single and a fourth coming album.  I must say, I'm ecstatic!  He was good for R&B.  For most of 2012 he not only put in work by putting the final touches on his new album, but he's been on tour as well.  To the delight of fans Jon brings em back with R&B classics like "They Don't Know" and samples his new material like his latest single "Settle Down Type".  Speaking of which check it out for yourself.

Finally, Mariah Carey sat down with the Hollywood Reporter to talk about the beef she has with Nicki Minaj.  Is it all publicity?  Are the two diva's really knocking heads?  Here's a look at Nicki going postal during at an American Idol audition.  CAUTION SOME OF THE LANGUAGE IS EXPLICIT.

Find out what Mariah had to say about Nicki, plus get the scoop on when Jon B's new album drops.  Miguel new T-Shirts are available now and you can help some kids in need by buying one.  Find out what charity now with Tha Wire.  Press play now: