With the resurgence of real music coming back to the forefront, I am starting to get more into some of the artist that are hot right now. Miguel is one of those who has totally impressed me and has convinced me that real music never really left, just on hiatus!

On Tuesday Miguel dropped his second release Kaleidoscope Dreams featuring the hot new single "Adorn", "Don't Go" and so many other bangers to set the move for any occasion. The guy has a flavor that is entirely his own and whether is singing hooks for Wale or others, Miguel has got my props for not having the stereotypical Sophomore Jinks and is back. If you love music that is on the cutting edge, then this is a buy for you, it doesn't matter if you like r&b, hip hop or even a little rock, I think you should pick this album up. Also if you missed his performance on 106 & Park on Tuesday, you missed a treat!

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Miguel Kaleidoscope Dream