Even if you don't admit to it now, we were all singing  "Baby, Don't Forget me number" or Girl, You Know it's true. Well get ready as The Milli Vanilli story will be hitting the big screen soon.

Milli Vanilli, a pop/dance duo from the late 1980s, is in the process of having their musical journey depicted in film. Music producer, Fran Farian, formed the group and had Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus, join the band as frontmen. Milli Vanilli became one of the most commercially successful musical acts in the late 1980s and early 1990s. After the group won Grammy Awards, the producer, Frank Farian disclosed that Milli Vanilli frontmen were not the actual performers of the songs. Upon revealing the truth to the public, the group was stripped of their awards, popularity and record deal. Oscar Winner Florian Gallenberger will take the lead in writing the screenplay and directing the film. Morvan will serve as a consultant on the production of the movie.

via Milli Vanilli Biopic In The Works - Singersroom.com.

Although it was found out that they were not the true artist of the song, their story had a really tragic turn. Let's hope that this story will clear up a few of  the cloud surrounding them.