I have been in radio for over 25 years now and I have nothing but love for music. So I decided to try to comprise what would be my top 7 albums that I just can't live without. There is truly a variety here, but I do believe there is music for everyone in my list. Take a look at the list below and know that there is so much good music out, and this was truly a hard choice.

I hope you like some of the albums that I choose as these were some of the hottest releases in the nineties. From NWA to R.Kelly this was the music that had the crowd going crazy in the club and in the bedroom. Be on the lookout for my next Top 7 dropping sometime in the next month!

  • 1

    All Eyes On Me


    This was released in the summer of 95 and I remember this was the only record out that people were talking about. There had been others to do this , but this was the first Tupac cd with 2 cd’s in there. This was not an album where there were a lot of filler songs. This had you from the beginning to the end with "California Love" , "All Eyez on me" , "Ambitions of A Ryder" and you wonder why they call you trick. This was supposedly the song that Faith Evans was featured on and started the beef with Tupac and Biggie. This was also the last cd that Tupac did while he was alive and was actually able to do videos at the time. This is one of those that will always be in my possession.

  • 2

    Straight Out Of Compton


    This was the first explicit cassette and yes I did say cassette that I Purchased. This is also the first album to get the FBI in a frenzy with their hit "F#$k The Police", "Gangsta, Gangsta" and more. This cd had everyone from my home state of Mississippi to Mexico rocking Los Angeles Raiders gear. The dickies were also a big thing at the time. I remember taking this cassette to my room and listening to it low, so my mama wouldn’t hear it. This was the real beginning of me becoming a hip hop fan!

  • 3

    Don't Be Cruel

    Bobby Brown

    Bobby was always one of the coolest cats in New Edition and although I was a fan of the group, when he went solo that was it. The question should not be why do  like this cd, it should be who doesn’t like this. From the intro of "Don’t Be Cruel" to "My Preogative", "Roni" , "Rock Witcha" this was the chick magnet cd at the time. Bobby of course released more cd’s after this, but this was the one that I have in my possession til this day and pull it out every now and then!

  • 4

    Amerikkas Most Wanted

    Ice Cube

    I know I am not the only one who was sad when Ice Cube left NWA, and was wondering what would be next. Well Ice Cube did not disappoint. He released this cd right after "Straight outta Compton" and got help from The number one production crew from the East Coast. The Bomb Squad. They were able to take Ice Cube and put him over a different sound and still give the die hard fans what they wanted. This is a collectors item and will always be on rotation in my box!

  • 5

    Another Place


    This is a Asian Jazz Group and I was introduced to them as a teenager by my oldest brother. He loved this group and brought me a copy of the cassette. My brother passed away in 91 and I will forever miss him and his love for music as well. There are several artist that he exposed me to but when I listen to this group it reminds me of him and brings back fun memories of the time we had together. I had lost it as the years past, but came across it on Amazon and decided that I need to replace it and add it back to my collection.

  • 6

    12 Play


    If you are a diehard music fan than this album is one that you will never forget. From the beginning with the intro to "Sex Me" , "Summer Bunnies" , "12 Play" and "Seems Like You’re Ready". This was the album to have. If I was trying to spit game which I didn’t have, all I had to do was say I have 12 Play and most of the time it was on. Kells basically showed us what real music was and he did it every time around. He has released several  albums since then, but 12 Play is the one that I still reach out for til this day.

  • 7

    Quik Is My Name

    Dj Quik

    I will never forget I went to the Sound Shop one day and I was hell bent and determined that I was going to buy something that day. I left with DJ Quik, now the thing is I never heard of him until I stuck the tape in my deck, but It was not a decision that I was upset about. "Born and Raised In Compton" , "Tonite", "Sweet Black" and so much more were some of my favorite. Dj Quik was the triple threat from rapper, dj to producer and he displayed all of that on his debut. I have to admit I still have the cover at home and the disc is missing, but I will be getting it again as soon as I wrap this up.