Today was a super good day for at least two individuals, Floyd Mayweather and Mystikal.  Both men were released from prison early this morning.

Ironically though they come from two totally different realms of stardom, they share something in common other than being released on the same day.  That's the fact that they both went to jail for domestic violence.  Learn more about what went down with the Tha Wire below.

This weekend it's going down as Drake is gearing up to kick off his annual "OVO (October's Very Own) Festival" in his hometown of Toronto, Canada. This year should be interesting as Drake, Aaliyah's biggest fan is suppose to be debuting a new Aaliyah feature at the fest.  It should be safe to say that Drake is Aaliyah’s biggest fan. From sampling her song “At Your Best (You are Love)” on "Unforgettable" to mentions of her on  Take Care, and even getting a tattoo of the songstress’ face on his back.  It's pretty clear Drizzy has a thing the late songstress.

When Drake raps up his festival, he's gonna rap up something else.  Get the scoop on that below with Tha Wire.  Meanwhile, Elle Varner is the new R&B superstar on the block and people are taking notice.  During an interview with she talked about new music, her inspiration, and even offers us her best Mariah Carey cover.  Check it out!



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