One minute my man Mystikal is on top of the world, from signing with Cash Money to dropping a killer new single to being on the verge of dropping his first album in 11 years.  Now, he's on his way back to jail!

WTH?  He was just kickin it at Lil Wayne's 2012 DEWeezy SXSW show, dancing like Michael Jackson and everything.  What happened that fast?  Well, as it turns out, he violated his parole.  Mystikal, who's real name is Michael Tyler will be turning himself in sometime in May to start serving his time.  Get all the details now.

Meanwhile, Neyo is getting ready to drop his fifth studio album and was gonna name it "The Cracks in Mr. Perfect".  Now he's decided to re-name it, and according to him "We changed the title-the new and official title is "The R.E.D. Album", and 'R.E.D.' is an acronym for 'Realizing Every Dream'.  The last couple of years, I've taken a little bit of time to step back and just look at everything that's happened in my life and everything that's going on right now, and I made the realization that I'm absolutely doing it-I'm realizing every dream that I've ever had.  I'm blessed, and not a lot of people can say that.  So, this album is celebrating the mature dreams, the immature dreams, just every dream that I've ever had and how I am slowly, maturely realizing every single one."

All that is nice, but hopefully a curtain rapper doesn't take offense, to Neyo's title change.  Press play for more details.

Finally, the head honcho's in Hip-Hop was just revealed and Forbes Magazine has the top 5!  The cash money makers in the world of Hip-Hop and bringing in some serious dough.  Find out who they are and how much their worth now.  For all of today's juicy details press play to hear Tha Wire now: 


Bow Wow can breath easy now, beings that the drama between him and a Tennessee tour bus company is now over.  According to reports the Tennessee based company had filed suit against Bow Weezy for failing to pay a bill of $90,000.  The bus company won a judgement against him, but Bow Wow never payed them.  In 2009 he was found in contempt of court and  received another court order to pay up  and still refused.

So, the bus company took their case to Georgia, where a judge ruled in their favor.  Not just that, but put a warrant out for Bow Wow's arrest.  However, Bow Wow was out of town on tour at the time, so police never got a opportunity to pick him up.  However, the judge warned him that the moment his feet touched to ground he would be arrested on site.  Needless to say, the whole incident has been resolved and Bow Wow has finally paid his bill.