Ever since Nate Dogg passed away his wife, mom and kids have been fighting over his estate. 


Nate's wife LaToya Calvin filed a petition in August seeking control over the late rappers estate and asked the court to appoint his mother Ruth Homes as her co-administrator.  When she did, Nate's grown children went berserk and filed some papers of their own to stop the process.

According to new reports, it looks like his wife is throwing in the towel and I got all the details below with Tha Wire.  Plus, in other Nate Dogg news, the details on his last album being released next year.


In other news, last week I reported that C-Murder would learn his fate about getting an appeal on his murder conviction today.  However, something has gone wrong.  Find out what.  Meanwhile, the rapper is holding out hope that he will get another chance because of all the discrepancies surrounding his conviction.

Including a juror going public with being intimidated to find him guilty, the prosecution being caught with expunging their witnesses records,  to a witness having long claimed that another man (now deceased) was the shooter.  Get the scoop below with Tha Wire.

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Finally, Rev Run was people with diabetes to live longer and healthier.  Rev is teaming up with Novo Nordisk to form the "Ask.Screen.Know" program, which is aimed at educating people about the risks and encouraging them to be screened.  For more info about the program click here.  In the meantime press play to hear Tha Wire now: