It's hard to believe, but Left Eye has been gone for 10 years!  It's unbelievable how time fly's.  As the 10th anniversary of her death approaches, a previously-unheard song has been released for charity.The track is called "Fantasies" and features Bootleg of the Dayton Family.  Check it out!



Pretty hot right?  Prior to her untimely death she was changing her life and really finding out who she was.  Her death was tragic, yet it's a blessing that she got to experience what she did before she died.                      R.I.P Lisa, we love you!

In other news, new reports have come out to why Don Cornelius may have killed himself.  Plus, this has been an explosive week for Jennifer Hudson.  The murder trial is underway for her former brother in law and more details are being revealed leading up to her families murders.  Get all the details now.  Press play to hear Tha Wire: 


Jay-Z, like 50 Cent is gearing up to drop a fresh new game on Facebook!  With that being said, Jay wants all Facebook users to get into a "Empire State Of Mind".

His new game is fittingly enough called..Empire.  However, according to reports is still is it's BETA stage, but users can sign up for the game.  Once it's all said and done, it will allow players to experience the path Jay took from rags to riches.  Literally!

At press release time Jay said, "Empire takes you on a journey from the streets of Marcy Housing in Brooklyn to the hotspots of the rich and famous.  From hustler, to entrepreneur, to business mogul.  But don't forget friends and family, or your karma will suffer.  Make the right choices and you can have it all: cash, bling, fame, street cred, and good karma."