Neyo recently appeared in VH1's Behind The Music special and gave fans little known details about his rise to stardom.  On the special, he talked about being tricked by the love of his life into thinking her baby was his.  Now, she's come back into his life and is suing him for defamation.



Ne-Yo's appearance on his VH1 Behind The Music special last year is now the focus of some real-life drama for as the singer is being sued for defamation by the woman that broke his heart.

The suit was filed on behalf of Jesseca White, a woman with whom he thought he had a child with, until a paternity test proved otherwise.  According to the lawsuit details, she wants her side of the story to be heard first and foremost.   Ms White says that she and Neyo were in a non-exclusive relationship and, when she got pregnant, she allegedly told him that the baby may not be his. She alleges he willingly signed a declaration of paternity in 2005 and in 2009, after the paternity test showed that he was not the biological father, he agreed to a confidential child support settlement.

However, Neyo's is much different than hers.

Find out what Jesseca is suing Neyo for and what he says she did to break his heart.  In other news Tuesday night of this while on the set of  Birdman’s “Tapout” video shoot, Lil Wayne was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital after having more seizures.  As we all know, last fall he suffered from two seizures.  After the first seizure hit, the private jet he was flying in made an emergency landing in Texas. Then in less than 24 hours he another one while he was on a flight from Texas to Los Angeles.  He later admitted that a doctor prescribed him seizure medication.


Learn more about Weezy's condition below with Tha Wire.  Also, after serving 60 days in Cook County Juvenile Detention Center, for violating his probation, rapper Chief Keef is a free man.  The Chicago Tribune reports, 17 year-old was greeted by family members, his baby daughter and fans.


Keef was sentenced to 60 days in January for holding and shooting a firearm in a video tapped interview with Pitchfork.  Last year.  At the time Keef, who’s real name is Keith Cozart, was already serving 18-months probation for pointing a gun at a police officer. Now his neighborhood pastor is looking for him to keep his word, find out why.  Plus, get the scoop on his new mixtape below.

Finally, Snoop Lion’s Reincarnated documentary opens in selected cities on today.  The film highlights Snoop’s journey through Jamaica as he records his first reggae album and making the conversion to Rastafarism.  One of the most emotional scenes in the film is when Snoop’s cousin and right-hand man learns about the sudden death of his nephew.  After a brief period of mourning, Snoop and his team hit the studio with heavy hearts and wrote and recorded an emotional song titled “Ashtrays and Heartbreaks.”

Get more details now and find out when his new album drops.  Press play now to hear Tha Wire: