The album is coming together oh SO very nice!  We takin' em' back to when music made you FEEL somethin' on the this one!  This album will produce emotion, PERIOD.  The whole gambit from joy to sorrow and everything in between.  PLEASE prepare yourselves.That's the latest on Twitter from Neyo as prepares to drop his 5th album next Fall.  In a recent interview Neyo admitted that he didn't connect to his fans the way he would have liked on his last effort "Libra Scale".

The Fedora wearing balladeer went on the say that his new album will have everyone covered.  Neyo Tweeted " I been in the cave makin'  SURE I give y'all somethin' worthy of the love y'all have given me.  We gon' dance, vibe, cry, laugh, make love.  Imma make you think about the one that got away, the good one you got AND the one you wanna go get all in the same hour!!!!  I GOT Y'ALL!!!

Wow, ok Neyo, I can't wait!  No tittle just yet, but I'll keep you posted.