Nicki Minaj stands up for woman in the new May issue of Elle Magazine.  In the article "Women In Music" the Young Money Femcee said " I always wanted to play with the boys.....I didn't want to be a pawn in their game or have a sidekick role.  I wanted to be more of a lead character, a superhero".

Nicki has been turning heads and getting a lot of respect in the music game ever since she debuted.  With her one of a kind vocals, jaw dropping since of style and vicious rap skills she demonstrates the women can hold their own in the  predominately  male world of rap.

Superhero? Maybe.  So far, those throwing stones haven't been able to penetrate her tough skin.  Find out what makes her tick.  In the "Women In Music" issue Nicki openly talks about her style, her flavor of music and making sure she stays away from the "sidekick" title.

Soon on new stands  everywhere fans will be able to pick up the May issue of Elle Magazine with Nicki on the cover to learn more.