Girlfriend's been kicking the door down ever since she came on the scene.  Now Nicki has broken yet another record, this time with the release of her new video...."Stupid *oe".  The Harajuku Barbie dropped the Hype Williams  directed video January 20th.  Have you seen it yet?  If not, here it is.




She's got a different look for everyday of the year, don't she?  I think the video's pretty hot.  What do you think?  Any who, I got details about her new movie and her next video.  So, press play and get the scoop now.

In a growing trend where courses are being formed around celebs, Beyonce is the latest celebrity to have a course named after her.  The coursework will pair Beyonce's music videos and lyrics with writings from some of the worlds most distinguished women's rights activists and authors like Toni Morrison, Sojourner Truth and others.  Learn more about this course now, press play.

Finally, Barbara shocked her audience yesterday by announcing that Star Jones would be returning to the show!  Not indefinitely, but as a guest.  Even still, the two have some well publicized bad blood, so this should be interesting.  From what I understand this will be Star's time in "The View's" studio since 2006.


Press play now for the scoop, skinny, mess and drama with Tha Wire: 



50 Cent racked up on a $500,000 bet on the Giants after the NFC Championship game.  Fif sent out a ton of tweets throughout the big game and one follower that went by the name of "MyBestAssets" made Fif a bet or should I say a off on the up coming Super Bowl game.

It's unclear as to who the chick is or what exactly her assets are and to what extent her relationship with 50 is, but she's apparently a Patriot fan and allegedly laid a lot on the up coming game.  Supposedly, she bet 50 that if the Giants win, she'll tweet a naked photo of herself.  However, if the Giants lose 50 will have to tweet a naked photo of himself.   Word has it, 50 has agreed to the terms, so it looks like February 5th is gonna be quite interesting.