A lot of changes are taking place on American Idol.  Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler have chucked the deuces at American Idol so the both can continue with their careers. 

Plus, the longest standing Idol judge, Randy Jackson is moving elsewhere within the show.  That leaves the newest American Idol judge, Mariah Carey, by her lonesome.  However, that wont be for long.  There are tons of rumors that Diddy or Pharrell Williams are being looked at.  Now comes word that Nicki Minaj, may even have signed a deal with the hit show!  Get all the juicy details below with Tha Wire.



In more music news, Jay-Z is suing his longtime friend and former personal chef Mike Shand.  According to reports, Jay is suing Shand based on his performance in the kitchen at his famed 40/40 club.  Apparently, Shand was over the menu at the club and somehow things have gone bad.  Surprisingly enough, it's news the Shand himself.  He thought, according to his lawyers, all was well.   In better times, here's a look at the 40/40 Club's promo highlighting their great food.




Look's like Mike was doing a good job.  However, Jay-Z obviously doesn't see it that way and has hit Mike with a $1.5 million dollar lawsuit.  In more news, Oprah has been working hard to re-invent herself on her new TV network OWN(Oprah Winfrey Network).  Her new talk show "Oprah's Next Chapter" has slowly been gaining steam as O has managed to snag some of the biggest celebs in the game.  Most recently, she went to Barbados to interview Rihanna and scored a huge interview with Bobbi Kristina.  Now she's got her eyes set on another interesting super star, but so far they're not down with O just yet.  Find out who it is with Tha Wire.

Plus, Hollywood lost another legend and Busta Rhymes is keeping his word.  Get all of today's news with Tha Wire, press play now to hear the scoop: