This Black History month we salute African American's who's inventions impact the lives of Americans everyday like; H.A. Jackson for the he kitchen table, Lydia Newman for the hair brush, Alexander Miles for the electric elevator and John Burr who designed the first lawn mower with traction wheels and a rotary blade in 1899.  

(Photo by Lucas Oleniuk/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

1794- France Abolishes Slavery

France abolishes slavery.  Unfortunately the nation will reign on their commitment to abolition.  Under Napoleon France reestablished slavery in 1802 along with the re-institution of the "Code noir", prohibiting blacks, mulattoes and other people of color from entering French colonial territory or intermarrying with whites.


1913- Roas Louise McCauley better known as Rosa Parks was born

1971- National Guard mobilized to quell rioting in in Wilmington, North Carolina. Two persons killed. Until the 9th.

1986- A stamp of Sojourner Truth is issued by the U.S. Postal Service

Photo By Chris Maddaloni/Roll Call/Getty Images

1996- J.C. Watts becomes the first Black selected to respond to a state of the union address.

Born in Eufaula in McIntosh County, Oklahoma, was the first child in his family to attend an integrated elementary school.  In high school he was the quarterback on the football teamed and ended up gaining a football scholarship to the University of Oklahoma.  He graduated in 1981 with a degree in journalism and became a football player in the Canadian Football League until his retirement in 1986.

Later in life Watts became a Baptist minister and in 1990 was elected to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission as the first African-American in Oklahoma to win statewide office. He ran for Congress in 1994 and won, then re-elected to three additional terms. with increasing vote margins.  He even delivered the Republican response to Bill Clinton's 1997 State of the Union address.  In 1998 he was elected Chair of the House Republican Conference and retired in 2003.   On occasion he serves as a political commentator.