Man if you can't be safe from the world and you are a man of the cloth, then really what is the world coming to. A decendant of the popular Winans name Marvin Winas was recently carjacked and assualted in the very place he is from, as well as the home of his Church!

Popular Detroit pastor and gospel singer Marvin Winans was assaulted and carjacked Wednesday afternoon at a gas station on the city's west side.

The attack happened about 3:20 p.m., and the suspects fled with an unknown amount of cash and Winans' SUV, police said.

Winans, 54, told WXYZ-TV that four or five young men followed him from inside the gas station and attacked him while he gassed up his vehicle.

Winans said he didn't believe he was seriously hurt, but planned to seek medical attention.

He said his attackers appeared to be among 10 young men he passed by inside the station, and he warily watched them as he pumped gas.

"I'm just saddened that it has come to this," Winans said. "This kind of nonsense just has to stop. It's just the savageness of what's happening in the street."

He also believes his attackers didn't recognize him. Winans is pastor of the 4,500-member Perfecting Church on Detroit's east side. In February, he gave singer Whitney Houston's eulogy.

"And if they did, it didn't make much difference," said Winans, who has been active in civic issues, including taking a stand against the proliferation of strip clubs in Detroit's neighborhoods.






This is truly a time where we as a people should really pray and come to terms that our young is truly an endangered species and need guidance in more ways then one if we are going to survive this world. There are just to many things going on that truly has the average person taking notice to there surroundings. My prayers go out to Marvin and his family and I am very thankful that there are not 3 musical icons lost on today!