For some reason or another, rappers just have a thing for wild animals. Time and time again we've witnessed rappers uploading photos of exotic animals on their social network timelines. It's gotten to the point that it's basically a normal thing in hip-hop to see rappers up close and personal with lions, monkeys and even zebras. Oh my!

Many rappers have taken it as far as adopting the untamed animals. French Montana's famed pet Julius was bought for him by producer Mally Mal a few years back. The monkey maintains a more luxurious lifestyle than the average human and can be seen flying in G5 jets. In interviews, French has expressed that the tiny Coke Boy member is like a son to him and often sleeps with him in bed. The rapper's obsession with monkeys stems from a desire to live like a king, the king of pop actually, Michael Jackson. The Haan! man has even dropped stacks on tiger rentals in the past.

The human Tyga the rapper is also a lover of animals and once had a pet tiger. TMZ reported in April of 2014 that the animal was unfortunately apprehended by authorities as they are illegal to have as pets. T-Raww was unaware of this and offered his pet over to authorities as soon as he became aware.

Along with French and Tyga, check out the other rappers who have a thing for exotic animals in the list below.