Forget what you heard if, you heard that Suge Knight was arrested for Tupac's murder.  It's not true.

A police representative in Las Vegas has shot down the rumor that Suge had been arrested for the rap legends murder.  Find out how the rumors got started in the first place and here what the Vegas police have to say about it.  Scroll down and press play to hear Tha Wire.

In other news, more happened in the court room in regards to the Lil Boosie's murder trial.  This time I have testimony from his legal camp, who are saying Boosie is being targeted because he's a high profile rapper.  Boosie's camp also said that he had now reason to kill Terry Boyd and that the two were on good terms.  Hear more now with Tha Wire now.

In more news, he was an R&B sensation back in 2005.  Houston, was handsome and had a hit "I Like That" on the charts on top of the charts.  It looked as if he was going to be the next Usher or something.   Sadly, he had some sort of breakdown, which resulted in him

gouging his own eye out with a plastic fork!!  There is still very little explanation for why he did it, but from that moment on, his music career was over.  Houston is now 28 and unfortunately had a run in with the law recently.  Learn what happened now.  Press play.

Finally, I can see Andre 3000 playing the role of the late Jimmy Hendrix, I really can.  I can't wait to see the movie.  Though it's gonna be a while til it gets to that point,  it's official Andre 3000 not only landed the role, but filming is underway!  Get all the details about this and all of the above right now.  Press play to hear Tha Wire: 


Shortly after being arrested for the second time on marijuana possession last week, Wiz Khalifa's cell phone was stolen from his dressing room.  After realizing his phone was gone he immediately sent out a Tweet pleading for who ever took return it.  Wiz tweeted' "If your in Memphis and you went in my dressing room and stole my phone, could you give it back please?  there aren't any bad pictures or anything exclusive you guys aren't supposed to have on there."

So far, he's got no reply.  However, he's hoping one of his followers can help find his cell for him and return it to him safely.