Yesterday Lake Charles was in for a treat with a live performance from the one and only Dr. Rance Allen from the Rance Allen Group and the show was truly amazing and something that everyone enjoyed!

Rance Allen came out and gave a great show along with a great performance from the Prophetic Seed Dance Team and more. The concert was a free event and really gave way to alot of great music for the evening. Mr. Allen spoke of issues that he had with his back and it had been two months since he's been on the road. Well as of yesterday, all of that was out the door. He gave a great show and really show the area that with faith, you can do anything. During his performance, he also spoke on voting and the importance of this right. Be on the lookout as they will be releasing a new cd soon and I for one will be purchasing this on that day. Peep some of the photos from the show!


Rance Allen Concert:

Erik Tee/The Courriers
Erik Tee/Prophetic Seed Dance Team
Erik Tee/Rance Allen


Erik Tee/Rance Allen
Rance Allen Concert