There are things you should never do in the 'ghetto', or 'hood.' Though it may seem harmless, a white person selling grape Kool-Aid to black folks may be on that list of things not to do.

Watch what happens when things go wrong for a the prankster selling 'grape Kool-Aid' in "the ghetto," as they put it. While everyone else thought it was funny and proceeded to purchase his product, one guy didn't find it funny at all and proceeded to run the prankster off after knocking everything off of his curbside Kool-Aid stand. Watch it for yourself.

Everything isn't meant to be a joke. As black and white people alike, we have to learn to do better. This video brought me no laughter, and though I'm against the prank, there was a better way to ask the man to stop his prank without using force. But that's just my opinion.