This weekend President Barack Obama let Young Jeezy know, he never forgot.  President Obama gave Jeezy at shout-out in a room full of celebrities and dignitaries, referring to Jeezy's song "My President".

The song was featured on Jeezy's third album "The Recession" and was released the day President Obama was confirmed as the Democratic Presidential nominee.  Here's a look back at the classic and the video, which will both go down in history.

Young Jeezy feat. Nas "My President"



Find out what led to President Obama's shout-out.  Plus, hear what Young Jeezy told MTV shortly after he dropped the single.  Get all the detail now with Tha Wire.  Scroll down and press play.

In other news today, DJ Khaled was a no-show at a concert that was supposed to go down this past weekend.  However, he had a good reason for "playing hookie".

Get the scoop on why Khaled posted this photo on twitter and find out what it had to do with his missing his own concert.  Meanwhile, in a story posted by the New York Times, Cissy Houston is shopping a new tell-all book to publishers.

Finally, the Tupac hologram performance at the Coachilla Festival is making his estate some new money.  Find out why.  Plus, get all of today's juicy details with Tha Wire now, press play: 


According to reports, Mariah Carey's older sister has been diagnosed with liver cancer.  Alison Carey Scott has reportedly confirmed the news saying " Not with Aids, liver cancer."  As far as the Aids remark, Alison was allegedly referring to a story that reported she had contracted HIV do to drug use and prostitution.

If these reports are true, we truly wish her the best in treatment and a speedy recovery as well.  By the way, it's not clear if Alison and Mariah are close or not.  Based on another story which reported, the two were raised in two separate homes for most of the their lives.  When Mariah was three her parents got divorced because of countless problems including the pressures society put on interracial couples at that time.  Once their mom and dad split up, Alison stayed with their father and Mariah and her brother, Morgan, stayed with their mother, Patricia.